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A love letter to our daughter before some guy thinks he can write her one.

Our daughter turned 13 last week and it still hasn't sunk in for us.

She's supposed to be our baby, the one who still hugs us in public, experiments with horrid concoctions that we pretend are yummy and who's still pocket size.

Instead, this baby is slowly being transformed into a newly teen person.

Equally into eating ring popsicles and into wearing multiple rings jewellery.

Equally aware of her own subtle changes of becoming a young woman as she is about wearing "non-girly girly" outfits.

Such a bundle of contradictions, hormones and unicorns.

Avid Tik-Toker and new entrant to Instagram.

Body overtaken by moody teen spirits.

Studies are a reluctant habit.

Little doses of increased curiosity.

Weird sleep timings.

Michelle is growing and we can't stop time.

But we can do the next best things.

We can listen to her ideas and taste the dishes she's refined.

We can ask her opinion on family decisions and current happenings.

We can follow her on IG and watch how she sees the world.

We can do things together that we couldn't before, like make and wear a face mask.

We can support her in her interests and work towards making her better.

We can help her manage her blog and her teen story page( Yes, she's writing!).

Most of all, we can be grateful that underneath all the changes, she's still the fiercely loyal and passionately loving, Michelle.

She's still the same, kind person.

This is our love letter to her.

Her first love letter.

Before some boy decides he deserves to write her one.

Dear Micky,

You completely redefined what I thought a little girl would /could be.

I have honestly never seen anyone with as much creative potential as you!

I’m often in awe of your diverse capabilities and many times your cheerful 

spirit and the way you live your life to the max make me wish I was more like you.

That apart, you are sweet and loving and kind and I see the way you express genuine love for others.

You are really amazing little character, and I cannot image what plans God has in store for you.

Having said that I love that you love God and that you have made Jesus an important part of your life and world.

Stay close to Him always and I know He watches over you with much delight.

Just as we all do.

I love you and I admire you!


Hey Micky!

Thank you for being such a fun, loving creature. For bringing so much joy and laughter into all our lives.

You inspire me to be happy, carefree and cheerful like you are all the time.

Praying for God’s protection over you and I believe that even as you work hard on the talents God has given you, He will give you success in all that you do.

I promise to be there for you and help you in whatever way I can. I’ll be there to annoy you at times 😬 by saying 'don’t do this and don’t do that'... But, it’ll be for your good da 😁.

I’ll stand by you no matter what.

You matter to all of us. We love you and cherish you.

And I pray that God’s hand will be on your life always. I can’t wait to see you grow to be God's amazing child and the brave woman you’re going to be.

I’m sure you’re an inspiration to your friends and to all the kids who know you, because of the love and care you show towards them.

Keep working hard on your talents and keep spreading joy everywhere you go and to everyone you meet.



Dear Michelle,

My heart is so full of love for you as I type this.

And my eyes are filled with emotional tears, recalling all the years leading up to your 13th birthday.

All your funny faces, your dance moves, your cheeky jokes...

The times you climbed on the piano and cupboards and window ledges.

I just want to tell you that I'm so grateful that you are my daughter and not anyone else. I can't imagine being best friends with any other little girl as much as I am with you.

You're an interesting, loving girl.

You're a good sister, a good grand-daughter, fun niece to your various related and adoptive uncles and aunts.

You're the bright sunshine in our home.

I love the way you care for your pets and the way you care for all animals you come in contact with.

The horses at the riding school and also the strays around your home.

The way you love Buttons and the kindness you show Steffi in her old doggy years is so sweet.

I admire your guts to try new things, new experiences and your off-beat interests.

I want to bless you, Michelle, as you enter your teen years.

I bless you with the love of family and friends.

I bless you with respect of people you will come in contact with.

I bless you with good health and energy.

I bless you with wisdom and intelligence.

I bless you with the blessings God promised our ancestors.

I bless you with new abundance and unknown heavenly treasures.

I bless your future relationships and whoever you will choose to love and marry someday.

I bless you in the name of Jesus.

I'm here for you little lady.

We might lock horns over your chores and your school hours and your clothes.

But I'm here.

Behind you and with you.

Thank you for the adventure of being your mom.

Thank you for being who you are Michelle.



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1 Comment

Jun 03, 2020

Hi prats ..... Sweetest most precious motherly blessings I read so far ..... prats I love the mother you’ve become... I’m sure Michelle is going to have her best friend best mom right by her .... making her journey into life so Very special.... just like Aunty (your mom ) was for you 😍.... love you prats god bless you with the wisdom ,knowledge and lots of love as you guide and raise your family according to the plan and purpose God almighty has For you 💐💐 Love Rach 🤩

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