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All Tabs Open

Actual screenshot of my lappy when I'm in Research and Planning mode

Hi allllll:):). Been a bit of a mad couple of weeks. Mad in a great way.

Had been toying with the decision to Home-school my kids again (had experimented with a year of it in 2017), and now I've taken the plunge.

And am I excited or what!! It's a crazy world of homeschooling mums, curriculums and content, and I've been on a research and discard spree ever since that I was so overwhelmed at first.

But we had been praying about this decision and I felt that it was the right time for the kids and for me. Logistically and esp content-wise.

We felt that they weren't getting the space to be their own person and weren't pursuing foremost, their own skills and dreams.

That's when I landed on this huge blessing of a website called the and I felt like I've found my family:).

It contains everything from Bible Studies to Core Subjects ( Maths, Science, Social, English). Electives and Art to Foreign Language studies.

And at an unbelievable fee.

(More money for all the extra curricular that's actually now in Curriculum. Yay!)

Now, has something for everyone in the family including something for us parents. And I'm beginning to enjoy this experience.

I now realise that my last experiment with Home-schooling had nothing on this new reality that I've landed upon. I mean, I did no justice to HS at all the first time around:(.

As I think, most of you know, I help my husband in the business but I've realised that much like John the Baptist, "I must decrease, so he must increase".

Ok, all fanatics, please don't kill me for that joke. I'm sure J the Baptist doesn't mind.

Back to the point: Husband has been doing the heavy lifting and heading at work more and more, and lately my role has been mostly correspondence and the odd Quality Control Meetings.

So I have a mostly virtual role now, and we both felt that I'd rather be spending these precious and few (while I'm still their boss) years with nurturing the kids in a more hands-on manner.

More directly involved in their foundation and life : Spiritual life, Studies, Sports, Career moves etc.

Having said all this, please note that my social butterflies, surprisingly, are home birds too 🤷🏻‍♀️. (As against someone else's child that might actually Want to be at school and not home. Remember: the child comes first in HS).

They love the freedom of the non-rigid schedule. They love outings and activities that don't involve a desk.

They love being on the laptop or the Mac.

They love being able to run around in underpants.

They love to race the pets around the house.

They love to tag along with the husband and I, because, simply.

They love to travel as many times and as many places as possible.

They love to go visit their dad's office, because, easy Swiggy options.

Of course we still have the dreaded Grade 10 Finals hurdle and the Grade 6th Finals to get through, but Homeschool is the obvious way forward for us.

It's an 'All Tabs Open' researching still, but such contentment good content brings.

This brought us happiness and excitement and it '"sparked joy".

(please tell me you guys know Marie Kondo, or tell me the name of the rock you've been under😀).

Gives us flexibility and control over the things that really matter to their knowledge and life.

Gives us the freedom to learn from anywhere.

Hopefully, husband can sleep in for an extra 15 mins than the usual school drop hours.

Most Importantly, I can have Shabby-Chic Planners and To-Do Lists and my babies with me all day🤩.

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