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All the World's a Stage

There are some times in life when we really must paint our war face on and get on with it.

Life's too short for dropping everything and catering to every small slight that befalls us, or for every argument to cancel entire plans.

Well the truth is this. There's drama around every corner. It's upto you to decide what's worth your participation.

The drama could be of your own making, or you maybe a spectator. A willing participant, or a victim of circumstance. But see it, you will.

Let me be frank. I'm a terrible neighbour, I don't know people by name, don't mingle, have no clue when neighbours move into homes near mine, or leave etc... No interest,No regrets.

The happiest when plans get cancelled, rather be alone in a coffee shop with my husband and send love over texts to people I genuinely care for...

So, A weirdo, an oxymoron, a paradox, not someone you'd pick for a narrative.

But these last couple of years I've been the lead in some of the most dramatic stories around me. It was silly and rather funny to hear some of the things being said, but the joke wears thin eventually.

Then anger sets in.

I was a spectator with a lead role, the shrew in fashionable garb.

The murderer of relationships and the temptress.

The bad wife and the good mom.

The terrible example and the strong woman.

My demeanour changed with the audience I faced.

Among friends I was strong and vindicated by the truth,

Acquaintances thought it ok to give me snide judgey looks.

So I decided to rewrite the drama.

And here I am. A heroine of a very sophisticated life. Juggling relationships that matter, giving no admittance to the ones that don't.

Life is too short for lost translations.

All the world's a stage.

What's yours?

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