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Back to the Future

Christmas Dinner as a Family.

First of all, I'm so sorry for the long break.

Second of all, sorry for the cliched title😁.

The month of December just flew past. It was a flurry of events, outreaches, parties, shopping, Dave's birthday, practices at church and sleep deprivation.

We went to Bangalore and surprised my Mom-in-law. Our first meet and greet with her after our wedding, so it was pretty special. She was taken by surprise and between teary eyed hugs dinner, we had a really nice visit.

What I learned from that evening was :

A) Children hugging your parents, clean away a multitude of your sins 🤣

B) Surprises are satisfying.

Dave's Birthday was a bittersweet day, as usual.

I'm always caught between the memory of my small baby stuck on my hip, and this now-turned-15 yr old semi-adult, who's taller than me.

Argh!!! I hate that he's a teenager with a voice that cracks and who thinks that we're lame.

And I love him so so much, my heart could burst.

What I learned from Dave's birthday was :

A) 15 year old boys are noisy and a lil bit cocky

B) Dave is a lucky boy who literally has 2 dads fussing over him.

School Annual Day, Christmas outreaches and practices were fun, exhausting and so fulfilling. They took up the majority of our December and we were so grateful to be able to do this as a family.

What I learned from those days was:

A) Poor kids in an orphanage can put up a fantastic Nativity Show without the fancy setup we so take for granted.

B) Genuine happiness comes in serving and doing.

C) My kids are really nice humans. They were just as happy and at home and doing fun stuff with the under-privileged, as they are when opening expensive gifts under their Christmas tree. That really made me breathe a sigh of relief😅. We don't want to raise snobs.

D) The camera is not my friend😏😋.

Christmas and NYE services at church were nice to go to. So grateful that we had a place to ring in the festivity.

Where friends and family manage to find each other in the throng of thousands.

A season to appreciate what I have.

A time to think about the year and the blessings it bought.

A night to forgive and be forgiven.

An hour to stand on the cusp of the new year and a new journey.

The minute I leaned over and kissed my Husband at the stroke of midnight...

Same Friends, New plans

Same Family, New roads

Same Values, New systems

Same Me, New resolves

Back to the Future.

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