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Girls have twinkly eyes and sticky toes. Or at least mine does!

As promised, here's the post about my daughter Michelle Anita Samuel.

Born during a scorching Hyderabad summer, Michelle was anything but noisy.

We even asked the doctor why she wouldn't cry!

Fast Forward a few years and she's the life of the party. Home feels too quiet without her.

Stays cleaner too :D.

Michelle is 100% girly and 100% tomboy.

She loves Unicorns and fancy nails and builds intricate Legos.

She insists on a "mani-pedi please mamma" at least once a month, and she's also her team's football captain.

Michelle drives all of us nuts and can be quite stubborn.

She also loves us all to bits, and showers her affection selflessly.

Michelle remembers a shop owner owes her 20 Rupees even after 3 months,

but she's also the sweetheart who quietly contributed 6,000/- of her own money towards her brother's new phone since it wasn't budgeted for.

She's the one who insists on Mamma-baby dates regularly.

One day she wants to be a worship leader and another day a business woman.

So if you notice the oxymoron that is Michelle, the one thing that stands out the most is that she is desperately loving and loyal.

Two important qualities you'd want in your loved one:)

While searching for pictures for this post, I realised that Michelle is SO MUCH FUN.

I've got loads of her pics and rarely is she this calm 11 year old. Or any year old. In fact I think I'm going to put up all those pics.They describe her so well.

When we named her, her dad and I were so looking forward to raising a dainty princess. We thought her pet name would be "Elle".

Elle of the pinky-raised tea parties and ball dresses.

This one is a Micky all the way! :D.

Micky of the speed skating and winning.

Micky of the Legos and PS4.

Micky of the fast cycle races and rock climbing.

And not a moment of regret.

My lovely daughter bakes beautifully and comes up with mad experiments that we Have to eat (sometime, gag).

She makes lovely slime and soaps and lip balms.

She sings like a small goddess and doesn't really bother with studying.

Her artwork and crafts are so unique.

She hams it up so well.

Her leadership skills are amazing. She can be the smallest and the tiniest in the group, but you know that she's got them.

She's clumsy and has scratches from climbing trees and running barefoot.

She's got Snow White's heart for her pets and generally, animals.

She's got energy levels such that if we bottle and sell them, I'd be living on a island villa now.

She's sensitive and yet strong.

Michelle is the heart of this home.

Michelle : 'Gift from God'.

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