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Hands Free Walking

So recently I've taken up serious walking. In the sense that I did walk around my community, but these days it has been more intentional and more rigorous.

Rigorous being the number of steps and kms, and I don't cut corners. As far as possible. Except period days and weekends.

I carry a pouch/purse that has essentials that I cannot do without.

Phone being the heaviest, but also the most non-negotiable part of my kit since I'm not going to be without it when I'm far from home.

My glasses, because age. Haha.

Some cash for just in case.

A deo for the days that I'm going to meet someone at the end of the walk.

And the farther I pushed myself, the more I felt the need to shed things that can weigh me down.

I've noticed that when I have my hands free, I walk longer and happier. I don't notice the distance and it's easier to push myself till the final goal for the day. Or even further if it's going good.

Time of day matters.

Post 4:40/5 pm when the Bangkok sun is not beating down is conducive for the walk.

The route I take, matters. If I'm walking around a compound it gets monotonous and boring and I find myself checking the time and steps and kind of hoping to get it over with.

But when I walk nice roads, and pass interesting landmarks, it's not a chore. I enjoy it and can walk the extra mile. Literally.

Somedays I use the time to listen to sermons and songs and on most days I just pray in my head, look for things that God maybe showing me, watch people and observe culture and generally just feel the wind on my face and feel happy that I'm doing this.

And then while we theoretically know and have learnt the verse since childhood, Hebrews 12:1 finally made complete sense to me.

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us..."

If this is true in the physical, then much more so in the spiritual.

And we're all spiritual beings. There's no escaping that.

So understanding and practicing this just makes sense.

For a healthy mind and body, don't you think?

The lesser I weigh myself down with things that I really don't need in my head and heart, the easier it'll be for me to the tasks that are actually mine.

Carrying the weight of self inflicted expectations and toxic opinions, the burden of anger, guilt, shame, hurt etc are so expendable.

How and when I carry out my purpose matters. In times that I'm supposed to stay in, I cannot be exerting doing stuff.

Staying in for me would be taking in. Lessons, understanding, studying, preparing and praying.

The time not spent in this but just constantly labouring is a burden and it exhausts you and it's needless and limiting.

Where I spend my journey matters too.

I was thinking about this a little more and realised that for some people, the compound walking might be nicer, funner and feels safer. And that's because that's where they were meant to be.

For me it was elsewhere. So walking in your path and your calling brings happiness and fulfilment without the sense of drudgery.

You can still get your goals and steps down to whatever you need them to be, whichever path you choose.

Why not get there better?

So I do what it takes.

I carry the deodorant that has the least amount left.

I carry notes instead of coins.

I try to put the phone in my pocket rater than the pouch to avoid weight on my shoulders.

Small things. Important things.

Walk well💫

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