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How do you say Thank you in your language.

Hellloooo Again. Been away from the blog too long and this post is hopefully the turning point in my writers block.

I really want to say quite a few things, but even at the cost of being cliched I'm going to make this post one of musings and due credits and a few stray thoughts.

My gratitude and Thankfulness, above all, is to Jesus.

There's no special reason, no ground breaking purpose I've served, and no major works I've accomplished in this last decade that can justify every single one of the special, ground breaking, major blessings that God has showered on me. Reckless Love is the only explanation. Almost typed logical explanation, but it's not. It's Agape.

Not to play any drama cards, but the last decade saw me through heartbreaks, mending, strong bonds, patience, changing houses, changing cities, changing countries, decisions, discussions, dissolving in tears, laughing on beaches, being miserable, being content, being scared, taking brave steps, feeling bitter, purging bitterness, feeling loved, having people to Love....

Not rare, not alone in the experience and yet unique to me.

This side of the celebration I find myself happy. With myself, with my family and friends, with my life.

I'm content, and if you really push for a candid opinion: I've come to stop being bothered.

Not in a defiant angry way, I really don't put that much pressure on myself anymore.

Does anyone care? Well, life has taught me that there are some whose lives depend on another person's drama. Have nothing else to focus on!

Just remember it's a waste of their time, not mine, I did all I set out to :D.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this. There's a niche in your life you should strive for. A restful place. A secure angle from where to do life. It could be your daily devotion, or a message you tune in to, the daily hugs and affirmation of family, the friends who speak into your life.... For me it was a lovely mix of all of these.

This is important. This helps face the ups and downs.

I can honestly say that the life is beautiful.

It's not rose tinted, but it has bouquets from my husband.

It's not a straight road, but it's marked with memories.

It's not cheap, but there's world experience.

I face this new year with excitement about what it holds. Even the scary. It'll be an adventure, it'll be my story.

Don't try to do it alone, there's more to do together. Find your family and dive in.

Be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Be purposed.

Be safe.

Be bold.

Love and be loved.

Take a chance on You.

Thanks to my kids David and Michelle, my husband Shabin, my still bestie Marky, my sister Stuti and her husband Salesh.

My boss Pets Steffi and Buttons for showing me unconditional love.

My mad girlfriends Leels, Chris, Ruthie, Manisha, Kavi, Sumun and their poor husbands who have to love me too.

Einstein, for the example of faith walk.

Sane and EJ for being happy people.

My pastors at Hyd and my pastors at Bangkok for their uplifting friendship.

Pastor Steven Furtick for his ministry from across the seas and for doing it without even knowing us.

To cousins who send prayers.

To all my maids over the years, housekeeping is not an easy job.

To friends I've lost, we did what we could with the time we had, and that seems enough:).


P.S : This gallery is incomplete, please let's take more pics together. You know who you are, I'm rolling my eyes at ya! :D

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