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Making Legacies

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

I recently heard a dialogue that made me sit up and think.

This guy says : " Legacy is not just what we leave behind when we go, it's everything we share with the ones we love the most." (God friended me, Amazon Prime).

It's such a deep thought when you think about it.

My legacy is not a mere whiff of a memory or two.

My legacy is what I'm making in the present.

And this holds a place of honour in the future, if we're lucky.

Legacy is my senior pastor carrying a heavy Christmas decoration to help out.

Legacy is all the unsung volunteers that make the service happen from the shadows.

Legacy is S waking up at unearthly hours to make it to worship team sound check.

Legacy is the 15 yr old waking up really early and doing the same.

Legacy is M composing songs late into the night, in the quiet of his room.

Legacy is the 11 yr old shyly penning down sweet words to an unnamed poem.

Legacy is M giving money to a random stranger in a foreign airport.

Legacy is D sauntering to hand over a tip to our awkward server.

Legacy is S mending fences with a friend, for Peace's sake.

Legacy is M girl playing peace maker between quarrelling friends.

Legacies are an everyday habit.

Legacies are hard work.

Legacies are made by ordinary people who live ' just an extra mile'.

Legacies are what we do in the now, not just what we leave behind.

Legends are not all found in Headlines,

Legends are beside you, possibly just inside you.

-Authored with pride and humbled awe.

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