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Momdom: Boys are Dirt in sneakers :)

I think it's time to let you in a lil deeper into my mad world. It's kind of run by two mini-me's and that makes it so fun and so challenging.

So today I'll write about the older Minion. The mad teen. Lord Protector.

My boy. David.

I had Dave when I was 23, nearly 24... I had a terrible pregnancy. I was sick, I waddled, had mad cravings at mad hours and couldn't wait for it to be over.

It had to be a C-section and I was kinda glad cos I could choose my own date:).

My favourite festival around the corner, our parents all excited and we barely containing our anticipation, I had this sweet baby in the nicest month of the year, December.

Dave and I were partners.

We'd drive around the whole city. He, in his car seat, tiny jeans and sleeveless tees.

We'd cook together. Me by the stove, and he'd sit in the kitchen sink with a huge slice of watermelon.

I'd give him bad haircuts and he'd frowned for a bit, hug me and resume beating his toy drum.

He would sing along with equal gusto at the theme song to F.R.I.E.N.D.S, as much as to Bob the Builder.

We'd watch marathons of Madagascar and spout dialogues.

We'd do laundry together.

And lunches.

Nothing extraordinary from other moms I'm sure.

What made it special was my boy.

His sweetness. His kindness. His attention to details. His joy. His bright eyes. His mischief.

And sadly, today he's a teen. Almost 15. Cusp of manhood he feels.

He argues with me. Looks at me with irritation. Is too busy with his video games and friends.

I'm an annoyance to him sometimes.

Nothing extraordinary from other moms I'm sure.

What makes it bearable is my boy.

His possessiveness towards me. His staunch support to my choices. His unwavering loyalty to this family. His graciousness and love towards my new man. His babysitting his sister with care. His kindness to strangers. His skill and commitment to football and music.

David is a normal teenager. He has his flaws, and silly boyish crushes. He says inappropriate things and doesn't follow time schedules as he should. Gets annoyed and lashes out. Doesn't clean his room. Has growth spurts out of the blue. Outgrows clothes too often for my wallet, and spends too much money on shoes. Feels like parents are outdated and need Davesplaining.:D.

It's not easy to raise an intelligent child with a smart mouth. In a funny way, it's taking 2 dads and a mom, haha.

But David is our star. His presence brings us joy and his heart brings us blessings, his personality keeps us sharp and his wit keeps us entertained.

I wish every home has a David.

Thank you my sweet Boy. I love you.

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