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My beef with Some OTT Feminists.

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Every Feminist worth her salt has declared an anti - princess sentiment at some point or another.

' Why be a Princess when I can be Scientist'

' I don't need to be rescued, I do the rescuing...'

And so on and so forth.

That's all very good. And I'm sure it's the truth of some girls who are pushed in a certain direction.

But generally speaking, in a modern, urban society, do they realise that a Princess in her kingdom actually has a lot of roles to play?

Even if it is charities and inaugurations?

I mean, are you telling me, that someone somewhere does not value the Princess taking the time out?

Or would give up the honour of having a Royal at their store or event?

I Don't think so!

Or the women who Choose to be stay-at-home-moms?

Are they to be regarded lesser because they haven't chosen the "equal profession?"

You know what? There are women - soldiers that can probably take down terrorists better than some men. And then there's someone like me who needs help with difficult jars.

My daughter climbs trees better than many boys in her group :).

And if my husband or my son is physically stronger than I, accepting that gracefully, is my strength.

I really think it comes down to an individual, not a gender battle. And I'd like for these fanatic feminists to stopping making it so.

If there's a huge water jar to be carried in, I'd rather my son did it than my daughter, not because "it's a man's job", or "because she can't": He's 15, she's 11!

Were the ages reversed, I wouldn't make my 11 yr old son carry it, would I?

I speak for myself here. I'm not a pushover, and I definitely have strong opinions. I'm allowed to have them, and I would fight for the right to, if I was being stifled.

So then what if I WANT to be treated with kid gloves?

I like having the luxury of pretty nails and glossy hair.

I ADORE anything pink.

I like having help.

If my husband opened car doors for me, I'd hop right in and sit next to him and speak my mind about anything that we need to discuss.

I think I want to teach my kids the simple truth: Treat someone with care. Figure out the love language of your SO, of your friends, of your tribe, and then proceed to treat them accordingly.

You have a sensitive guy friend, treat him with sensitivity.

A tough cookie for a gal friend, let her have the space to be herself with you.

It'll be better to have a world where we encourage 'Equalists'.

Feminism isn't about being better, louder, crasser, bossier than men.

It's a privilege, bought with a lot of hard fighting by strong women.

It's a chance to sit at the same table and make important decisions that matter.

It's an opportunity to bring traits to the life conversation that are missing from men's DNA.

Feminism is me choosing to wear my Crown and bake. :)

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