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Prats And the Cit(ies)y

I was born in the great metro of Bombay. It'll always be Bombay to me. That stinky city still pulls at heartstrings every time I visit.

Can I live there again? No!

Do I text "jai Maharashtra" every time I land there? Yes!

Is Bombay biryani better? No!

Do I still defend vadapav? Absolutely!

Bombay is a " in your blood" kinda thing. Can't explain it, can't escape it:).

Geographical Explanation of my Childhood.

But then we moved down to the South of India. To Secunderabad (Hyderabad). To, what to me (as a Bombayite) was the land of "undo gundo thanda paani", the land of "sambar rice", land of "lungis" and cows on the road... All true.

Loads of internal struggle and teenage angst and attitude problems and judgements (mine and locals') later, this became my home. Still is.

Loads of milestones here : 1st Kiss, 1st Love, 1st marriage, 1st child, 1st daughter....

Nizamia General Hospital, Charminar, Hyderabad

Hyderabad was where I kept coming back even after 2 moves to Bangalore city.

To be honest, I feel the city doesn't let me uproot from itself completely. I've tried. And some part of me knows that I'll keep trying to move away.

Because, for all those good milestones, Hyderabad is also where I lived through my regrets.

My mom's death, 1st Heartbreak, 1st Divorce (hopefully, last :P).... so many streets and so many memories..

Same people in our lives, but different judgements now.

So here I am. Prats. Boho minded, crazy mom, owl lover, happily remarried, still bff with my ex-husband...

So dysfunctional, that I'm completely functional :).

Cheers and Hugs.

Present. Precious. Powerful.

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