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Prats In The Mirror

The first thing that people told me regarding my divorce was : "we never knew, you always looked so normal".

Well, my life was falling apart, why should I look pathetic as well? The best thing my ex and I did for the kids and ourselves, was to live the best with the broken pieces.

I'm not condoning hypocrisy, I'm speaking of a genuine lifestyle of living above your problems.

It might seem shallow to some, but it's the same principle of festival celebrations. Wouldn't one dress up? Even if you were having a fight with your spouse, or fighting a raging migraine....

I genuinely believe in being happy everyday. There's enough good and beauty in my life to look at and pull up my big girl socks and take life as it comes.

That became an issue. The fact that I was making the choice to be happy, to look good, did not fit into people's box of what a divorcee should look like.

We were not victims. No one was dead. God had us in His hand. We weren't trying to get back at each other. We Loved our kids above it all. We were safe. We were friends. We were just not married to each other anymore.

So I decided to like the girl in my mirror.

The one that has stylish clothes, beautiful hair and perfectly manicured fingers.

The one that can appreciate a well brewed cup of tea.

The one who helps her kids be themselves.

The one who could love her children's father.

The one who opened herself to finding Love again.

The one who's excited about this new journey.

Prats in the Mirror is a challenging sight.

It's to look at all the things I could've done differently, all the words I could've left unsaid, all the steps I should've taken... The nostalgia, the heartache, the loss of friends and some family....

Prats in the Mirror is a challenging sight.

It's also to look at the future joys, the new friendships, reinforcement of some familial ties, the journey with a blended family, the fun of doing it all over again, the joy of watching my children grow and blossom, being the queen of my husband's life....

And so I dress well, for the life I live so well.

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