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Reality Vs Reality

When my first child, my son David, was born, everyone told me that it was the end of my chandelier earrings and heels lifestyle and that baby-proofing 101 dictated that glass decor around the house was to be thrown away.

Good advise, normally, but completely inapplicable to me, because my son never pulled at my earrings and decor destruction was never part of his daily activities.

Then my daughter, Michelle came along and everyone commented on how lucky I was that I could continue with my fashion and home decor choices as "girl babies are careful and delicate"...

Michelle pulled and yanked at things kept in her reach and climbed surfaces for things beyond :D.

David is a gentle soul, Michelle has to be reminded to lower her voice at church...

David is addicted to shoes, Michelle wins basketball competitions...

David sings in a band , Michelle whistles the National Anthem..

David is a born leader, Michelle's at her best among her closest...

You get the picture.

But then there's their similarities.

Their love for God

Their fierce loyalty to the family

The kindness and bigness of their hearts

The joy they take in small things

Their love for dirt

Being beach bums

Hatred for studying...

Your children are never going to adhere to a mold. Or an expectation. Or a manual. And definitely shouldn't to someone else's ideal of what they think your child should be like.

My son used to think I ruled his world, now he's surprised that I know slang.

My daughter wouldn't leave my side, now she rolls her eyes at me if I ask her to change.

My son hugs me and assures me he'll always be my 'lord protector'.

My daughter wants to have mamma dates with me, by choice.

Parenting is hard work. Gosh, I'm convinced I wouldn't have spent thousands on hair colour if I didn't have kids. :D. And I seriously advise alone Me time every now and again to relax and run a bath and read in a tub.

But my babies need me. And more than that, I've come to realise that I need them. I get unconditional love from them. Also noise and sticky floors from their slime experiment, but then I get handed some tea and hugs and forehead kisses.

A roller coaster I would't leave.

Just have to wear the right Zara clothes for the adventure :D

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