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See You later Alligator...

This post comes after a long break.

But also, it'll be a bit before I will post again.

We leave for Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow (13th July).

We leave behind a few friends, a few highlights, a few roles, a few laughs.

We leave behind Mark Samuel, our staunchest support, darling dad to our kids, superb friend, unexplainably sweet Ex :(:(.

We leave behind some stories, some tears, some hurt, some irritation, some rejections, some backstabbing...

We take with us a lot of love, a whole lot of memories, the loyal hugs, the absolute support, the blessings of loved ones, the prayers of family, the wishes of siblings....

A new chapter, a new timezone, a new geographic location, new currency, a new culture, a new normal.

The same values, the same boldness, probably more expenses, thankfully the same faithful God.

I sign off on this leg of the journey with Gratitude.





{Special mention in no particular order to:

Stuti, Abin, Salesh, Yasha, Ruth, Leela, Sam, Chris, Manisha, Andy, Sumun, David, Kavitha, Shibu, Einstein, Pastor Anand, Pastors Scott and Melody Norling, Sanju, Joshua, Michelle, Lauryl, Hannah, Sanè, EJ, Coach Saurabh, Dylan, Sam, Joel, Prince, Chitra, Zeba, Shanaaz, Bob, Tanishka, Prathamai, Haven, Emily.

Thank you for the years.}

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Wishing you all the very very best... god bless you with all his choicest blessings

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