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Summer Vacation, Packing and The Wait.

Updated: May 24, 2019

For the uninitiated, I live in the centre of the Sun. Hyderabad city. I kid you not, temperatures have been at a 41/42 degrees celsius this month!

We've been staying indoors and have spent a mad bomb amount in electricity bills,.

But it's either that or dehydration and a heat stroke.

Now, between other moms, me and my salon technician, a sweet lady named Sanju, (we chatted about this), we've been mentally thanking Crayola, PlayStation creators, Amul Ice Cream, YouTube and all Digital and material babysitters.

And all moms who say they're managing this summer without gadget babysitters: I'm calling your bluff. BOOOOO!

There's been of course the mandatory migraine (me), the runny noses and cough spells ( kids), car loads of kids on sleepover ( friend's kids), travel for work (husband), pets trying to hog the cold air (pets, duh). All in all, a typical Indian summer.

But a few things that make this summer different:

1) Husband released his first single this month!!

Lots of prayers, pages, spell checks, conversations, music arrangement, video shoot, changes, dreaming and backend preps later, we have this awesome song on our hands.

A song that's a prayer, an acknowledgement of God's presence and promise.

He has a few more songs up his sleeve and we collectively can't wait!!

2) We've decided with God's guidance, that the time has now come for us to start a new season in our life: That of Outlanders in a new country.

We have finally decided to put our words into efforts, to move to a different land.

We're doing it mainly for #Davethebrave's football, but also so that #Michthefish will have some new and fun opportunities.

What it means for Husband and I, is yet to be seen.

I, of course had so many thoughts when this first started as a small germ of an idea. In fact it was at weekday prayer at my church that the thought was born.

My husband had the same thought in his own private prayers.

And then began a journey of confirmations and lists of Pros and Cons and more praying and seeking.

In fact, if I show you the book pages with my thoughts and reasonings and prayers and Bible verses that went with them, you'd think me mad.

Because I was super convinced it had to be Spain.

And also equally convinced it's Thailand.

And as with any thoughts where you don't stop for God's gentle step by step guiding, there was huge confusion.

What I mean is, I knew it was one of these two countries, I just didn't know what exactly God was saying about the timing or the journey.

Anyways, so more rest and prayer and seeking and documentation checking later, we've decided, as a family, to move to Thailand.

The reason I included the documentation checking, is because too many well-meaning people just pray and wait and think that God's going to throw the answer in their lap.

There's a thin line between waiting on God and just waiting around.

And so while I knew that God was prepping me, He also wanted me to learn and acquaint myself with what was required for us.

That itself helped in the final decision making too.

Again a thin line between Faith and over-reaching before your season.

So, I know that there's probably some Spain in my life at some point, but it's not now.

For now, it's Thailand. (Yay).

Once that decision was made, everything started falling into place, in terms of favour with Dave's Bangkok coach, immigration information, monies that we would need.

Then came some more tricky parts :

The money is going to come. Every Rupee I need has been invoiced out. That means it will be earned in and in my bank and no loan required.

But not sure, how much will come in, at what date.

Hence the waiting period for these monies and the visa applications and the processes was proving to be sooooo difficult.

I mean I'm a doing person:

Make a list, set a deadline, get to it.

And then there's God.

Lifted me up in His arms and shushed me to Be Still and Know Him.

And I started waiting On Him.

I pray over everything I do.

I don't fret when I don't meet a self imposed deadline.

I went through my kid's baby clothes, took pictures, sobbed my heart out, packed them away.

I've prayed for my new home, the pets' travel, grace and favour with the locals, my kids to have good friends, my kid's future crushes, my kids to be healthy, for a Church where we can belong, my husband to find a place to walk in his calling and ministry, a good market to buy our food....

Any and all things.

Small things and big things.

Seemingly stupid things and the bigger, Life things.

I'm stepping out in Faith because we know that God has said, Now. Have given the landlord our notice and we hand in our house keys by July end.

I've disposed off some furniture we don't need anymore, clothes and other misc items are out already.

Cartons have been earmarked for other sorting.

I want God to go before us, and I'm not taking another step until He's promised me His leading.

Too risky to uproot what I know, and move into what I don't, without Him!

So, feeling Peaceful about it.

And now we pack and wait.

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