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Thanksgiving and its bellyaches.

The Invite.

I take great joy in spending on ingredients and time, to put together a Thanksgiving Spread at my home. Definitely be much cheaper to order in 😂, but this feels more personal and I somehow see it as a way of saying Thanks to those I share it with too.

[Invite was made from this website : . Incase you're having a party]

And as with every feast, it comes with its share of bellyaches.

Is the Meat cooked through?

Are the Pork chops enough for all?

Should've bought more chicken..

I hope no one's feeling left out..

Why did this or that one not come?

I remember Thanksgiving of 20.. was so sweet, how did things change so much?

And it can go on.

Personally happy about all the marinades though. :D

See the Pattern? Thanksgiving becomes another holiday to dissect { no pun intended Ms.Turkey, if you're reading this🤓}.

And these are just My thoughts! You too could have a whole list of your own grouses, {sorry for the puns, hehe}.

Then our friend spoke a few words of reflection. And he made such a beautiful point. He said, we all have this to be grateful for: We're forgiven.

And that's so deep. We're Forgiven and then it all falls into place doesn't it? Our flaws are not held against us, and then so how can others' be held against them?

And so the meat and food and other related, assumed, shortcomings become insignificant in light of the reason for the gathering.

The thread that binds this fellowship of family and friends, even those that didn't make it, is greater than the additional ribbons that could've made the decoration perfect.

And just like that, the day slid back into its significance .

I brought myself back to the room where we all were.

On the sofas and on the floor, with Christmas tree lights blinking and happy laughter of all those gathered.

And I made a deliberate choice to pay attention to the smaller details.

There was so much joy.

So much laughter.

Embarrassing amounts of thank you's.

Sentences cut off to add more anecdotes.

The way spouses shared sweet smiles and ribbed each other.

The singles talked of dresses and funny office stories.

Teenagers giggled, not so innocently.

Kids licked their jello bowls and laughed at the adults being silly.

The Dog hovered in crumbs distance from everyone.

The Cat climbed the Christmas tree cos, tinsel.

And My thoughts stopped whirling and my heart began to beat peacefully again.

There was much to be Thankful for.

In the end, the food had been tasty and plentiful.

Life. Love. Experiences.

New friendships to add new facets to our life.

Old friendships to have our backs.

Loyalties. Romance. Conversations.

Most of all, my family was Blended, Not Broken.

This year's pic not taken yet, so please make do with this pretty throwback one. :P

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