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Valentine's Day when you're a Parent.

This year Husband and I decided, to either buy each other gifts, or go out on town.

Honestly, we were trying to keep it low speed and make sure we don't get so caught up in the doing and checking in that we wouldn't chat or be too tired to actually connect.

Turned out to be just as fun because this way we ended up spending almost the entire day together without our bank account dying😁, and we also had the energy for just some romantic, let-me-stare-in-your-eyes, alone time too ❤️.

Well, hubby had band practice to go to, so that gave kids and I a good window to "set up" for the date night.

Dave the brave did the heavy lifting to arrange tables and chairs.

Paid the delivery guy and set the dinner table.

Mich the baker made Choco-dipped marshmallows and Chocolate chip cake slices.

Set the dessert table and tinsel.

Both gave us a lot of winks and "oh we won't disturb you" and "what time is safe enough to come back", some more winks and lots of guffaws.

I prettied up, printed out a game, got a movie lined up (thanks Netflix subscription), and when hubby came back, we had a sweet, quiet, uninterrupted, Valentine's date at home.:).

We were so involved and happy that I forgot to take enough pics! As hubby would tell you, that's saying something.

Since I've started blogging, I like to take pics of my outfits and have some nice clicks to go with my posts.

And I forgot.

Good Job Cupid💘.

Well, as all our detractors loved saying that Hubby was too young to be saddled with my kids, a shout out to Hubby for being super mature and loving about this.

Not convinced? He bought V- day gifts for the kids, as any dad would tell you is V-day parent survival 101. Haha.

My hubby isn't the most romantic soul under the sun. He's shy and needs to be prompted to recognise my Love Language.

But he surprised me with a gift he'd pick on our last trip to BKK in Jan!

I had walked past this watch and exclaimed how much I loved it and unknown to him, he'd picked it and kept it hidden from me. That's like a lotttt of steps for him:).

And it made his gesture so much more special.

My point?

Valentine's Day is another day to celebrate Love isn't it?

This is true whether you're just dating, engaged, married without kids or married with kids.

We didn't feel any differently, just because I made two small aliens who love to hover around us.

We didn't feel differently because we had kids playing downstairs while we had a date upstairs.

We didn't feel differently because this time we weren't at a fancy restaurant.

We had a lot of laughs holding each other and watching Ashton Kutcher be an idiot:)

We tried some different foods from our usual.

We ate some yum desserts that I didn't have to make (yay).

We laughed and kissed and joked around and made funny plans.

We hugged the kids goodnight and told them how much we loved them.

Valentine's Day with kids in tow is funny, messy and embarrassing questions will need answering.

It is also demonstrative, involved and very very sweet.

I wouldn't change a thing about yesterday.

Valentine's day when you're a Parent, feels like a Hug from God.

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