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When I sleep tonight... A small musing

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

This beautiful handmade plaque was a wedding gift from our friend Heather from Goa:).

I'm an Owl. That's polite for,' I Can't sleep for the longest time'. Every night.

And my husband snores.

So now I'm an Owl And a Raccoon.

I've looked up sleep balms and tried eye masks. Ear Plugs shopping is the next stop.

I want to put a pillow on his face every night!. Not completely smother, just maybe enough to jolt him awake:D.

Failing that, I've spent quite a few hours browsing ideas for a separate bedroom.

A nice fluffy mattress and pink sheets. White feather lamps and velvet and damask curtains. Sigh. Dreamy....

But tonight he's travelling.

And I'll still lie awake for the longest time.

Because I'll miss him.

And I'll make prayers that'll seem rash tomorrow night.

Prayers that I'd rather have the snoring, than the emptiness.

I'll wish for the fight over bed space, rather than lay sprawled with just his texts for company.

And Love is mad. He drives me nuts and yet I'd rather be nuts with him, than without.

It makes me think of flatlines on cardiac monitors. So boring, so dead.

And tomorrow night he'll be back and the kids and I'll be all over him.

Competing to tell our stories.

The dog'll almost lose her tail from wagging and the kitten will meow.

Dinner will be done, prayers prayed and kids tucked into bed.

Doors will be locked and lights switched off.

But now I know! Tomorrow night, I'll choose to be an Owl and a Raccoon.

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