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"You do know there are other countries in the world Prats.."

Early morning Foggy drive from Airport to city

If I had a 100 bucks for every time a friend said that to me, I'd be able to make another trip to Bangkok🤣! But seriously, yeah I know, and No, I don't care.

I'm sure everyone has some place that feels just right. It's sits well with your spirit and your stomach has butterflies from the sheer excitement of being there: That's Bangkok for me.

I can't explain it🤷🏻‍♀️.

Well, London did that to me too, and I'd love to go live there sometime, but until then, I'll stick closer in the continent :).

Practically speaking, purely finances-wise, I'm sure that there are loads of other places I could go. And I will, and I'll enjoy those thoroughly too. Because, well, I just love to travel.

But if I have limited, time and need a quick break, then why not go where I Know I'll have a good, relaxed, happy time right?

Anyway, now that I'm done justifying my choice of multiple entries at Suvarnabhumi Airport, let me continue.

The easiest way into the Kingdom of Thailand is by air, and for Indian passengers, an impulsive trip is made even simpler with Visa On Arrival. Here's a list of countries that are allowed VoA, and it's really simple. As long as you have the documents required ( return ticket, hotel reservation, bank statement etc..) it's really a breeze.

A 40-50 min drive later ( depending on traffic), you can be in the heart of the city and most tourists prefer to stay around the CBD because that's also where are the big malls are.

There are plenty of options to be found on MakeMyTrip, Airbnb etc...

I personally like to stay closer to the malls for 2 reasons :

1) It's the Malls!!

2) It's a bit away and calmer from the nightlife and hence easier with kids.

And to be honest, the Malls are where it's at for me 😁.

Every time I go, I think that I'll stay away from the bigger popular malls that I've done a dozen times, and I can imagine the mall fairy just giggling at my naiveté!

Silly Prats, of course I'll go! Kidding no one but myself 😅.

But also, Every time I go, there's a new night market to see, a new pop up to eat at, or in the least, a new gig to attend:). That's Bangkok, never a dull moment and not a day goes by when you don't need a foot massage :).

And the food!! I mean, The Food!! In fact, Mark and the kids told us NOT to send pics of what we were eating so that they wouldn't die of jealousy. Hehe.

My sister made me parcel her some Mango Sticky Rice.

Browse through The Roaming Cook for more Thai food related stuff.

The husband and I went to a new mall this time, Terminal21 and discovered that we really liked it. Have to take the babies there next.

That's what I mean, I've been to BKK 10 times I think, and I still found a new niché to enjoy.

Well, plus the Christmas decor was still up at some places and that just added to my happiness.

Of course, we Indians are our own worst enemies.

I mean who bargains at a massage parlour? Indians.

Who cuts immigration lines at the airport? Indians.

Who wears pyjama suits to travel? Indians.

OMG, and then the nice ones like me who follow laws of fashion and the land equally, are sometimes judged by the same measure. That really gets my goat.

Hard enough to be a foreigner and now I have to try harder to make up for the weirdos?

Anyway, I just tip better and hope for the best. Haha.

So all in all Bangkok is my thing. I love to be Boho at Bangkok.

I mean if my friends would've travelled to Bangkok for my wedding, I'd have had it there😍😆.

And now I'm back home. Bags and heart full. Relaxed, massaged, duck-fed and ready to tackle daily life.

I love my life, I'm grateful and I'm Mī khwām s̄uk̄h ( happy).

Any Bangkok - travel related queries are most welcome.

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